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       At first, you might think that “why on earth would I ever need a guide for facebook?”. May be you are a hardcore Facebook addict who is “facebooking” from last few years or a new one to this amazing site. But there is no way to think that just because you’ve been on facebook for a while so you know everything. Facebook developers keep on pushing codes every day. From UI updates to new features and new settings..Keeping up with Facebook’s ever changing  landscape and  the way it affects the security and privacy of your account can be a challenge.
     This is a small guide in simple language that can help minimize the potential threats to your security and privacy on Facebook, it has simple steps with screenshots so that it can be easy for you to set up the proper settings.

       I hope, you’ll find it useful.



Main Headings:

  • Get notified when your account is being access from someone else’s PC, Laptop or Check when your profile was accessed and from where. 
  •  Securing your personal information from your friends’ applications. 
  • Controlling Social Ads from displaying your actions 
  •  Controlling Third Party Application’s Access 
  •  Preventing anyone to search your Facebook profile on Google or any search engine 
  •  You have set the privacy level “only to friends” in all the photo albums but what about your PROFILE PICTURES?