Do you want to  hide your important and confidential files without using any specific software?
Well, you’ve reached the correct place. We’ll see how it’s done in few simple steps.


1.)  Create a new folder in any drive you want.
(In my case,  I’m creating a folder named Op in my D: drive)


2.)  Copy an image (in which you want to hide your data) and the file which you want to hide
( My Image’s name is :  KDE.jpg,
My Data file is Mac.txt )


3.)  Now while you are still in the folder, select both files (image and data) and then
Right Click -> Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder.
This will create a zip file with folder name
( You can even use WINRAR if you wish)


4.)  Now open Command Prompt ( Windows+R then press CMD and enter)

5.)  Go to the drive and folder
(In my case, It ‘ll be in this sequence:
cd op

6.) Now type
copy /b kde.jpg + kde.jpg

(Replace kde.jpg with your image file
Replace with your data file)

Voila!…You just did it!….Now your image file is containing your private data. When Someone will try to double click the file, i’ll be opened in normal image viewer only.

7..) To open file,
Right click on Image -> Open With -> Choose WinRAR

…By doing so you’ll be able to access your secret file again!

By Mudassir Malik