Hackers are perfect opportunists. They will not leave any stone unturned in the effort to wreak havoc on your peaceful life. And this time, it seems, they have targeted the SMS regulations in India that are enforced for the next fifteen days.

So if you are reading this post, chances are that you are an addicted to staying in touch with your friends. But due the the SMS regulations you can not reach your friends who are not used to sitting in front of the computer all day. So what do you do? Obvious choice – use WhatsApp! I am sure the application is going to see a severe spike in usage for the next fortnight.

What if WhatsApp came up with a Facebook app? They should think about it. But someone else has already done it.

So chances are that you will land upon such a screen. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT approve the application!

Because once you click on “Go to App”, it will take details of your friends who are online at that point! See the pic below for reference.

Nevertheless, it takes you to a web page that does some processing, you can see the “Wait” button. In the meantime, it is parsing through your online friends and sending them the same app request that you received. The app is now viral…

But finally, everything in this world has money in the roots and this spam is not an exception. If you are expecting that after completing the survey shown on the screen you will get access to premium content, you need to go back to the fifth grade.

This application is a perfect example of spam. Please take care that you don’t get caught in it!

Please circulate this message to your friends. By doing so, you can support our effort in keeping the cyber space a safer place to live in.

via http://blog.pratikar.com/2012/08/fake-whatsapp-facebook-app-is-a-spam-machine/